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How to make Coconut Whipped Cream

Learn how to make coconut whipped cream, which is a great non-dairy alternative to regular whipped cream. It's suitable for vegan and paleo diet.

Four-Ingredient Ice Cream

Four-Ingredient Ice Cream---made with Almond milk, coconut milk, or non-dairy creamer for lactose-free---also has some great coffee ice cream recipes and fraps

One of my favourite desserts as a child was ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, but now it's this raw vegan mango raspberry ice cream cake from my own home - and it tastes about 600x better.

Healthy Vegan Recipes

So I'm definitely not vegan, but this site is FULL of HEALTHY dessert recipes. And I don't mean less unhealthy desserts, I mean rich, delicious, crowd tested desserts made with veggies, beans, and other good for you things! Mmmmm does this mean I can have dessert for dinner?!

Homemade Raw (or Roasted) Almond Butter Recipe! I read several similar posts and this is my favorite. Lots of pictures of the different stages you will see in your food processor, and no tip-toeing around the fact that it takes a LONG (but not too long) time.