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My older children seem to think because I gave birth to my youngest child when I was forty that she takes the place of grandchildren-- not exactly-- I am blessed to have 4 children & maybe one day I'll have grandchildren, too :)

A blog about the life of Susan Black, a freelance designer and illustrator living the good life in a tiny seaside village in Nova Scotia.


I did this but for some reason it didn't make it in the book!! ): I was apart of the record for most people dressed as Lucy Ricardo (from "I Love Lucy") in one place. The record was official and was recorded on Lucille Ball's birthday in Jamestown NY.

so what counts as a visit? need to define this. how about being able to list a specific attraction/person/place visited? (versus just driving through?) but then, driving through a state for X hours might count because you get a chance to see it...

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