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Looking for a creative idea for your party? Consider heading back to the Roaring for a fun theme party. This one is complete with a speakeasy, gangsters, jazz music, casino games, good food and a raid by cops with billy clubs to top it all off!

This is a playlist of popular 1920s songs. Many of these songs/ artists are still known today.

playlist - The ultimate roaring music playlist. Everyone that enjoyed music, enjoyed these songs (apparently) some were solo singers, others were group singers, and there were bands that played as well.


Influences in Fashion History

Thalia Barbarova, from the book Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsley. "Opulent brocade shawls like the one on actress Thalia Barbarova's chair were popular, with some of the more opulent coming from France." Plus, giant perfume bottles = glamor.

ten images of inspiration : the jazz age.

Art Deco cloche hat with floral decoration. A Cloche Hat is a small, close-fitting hat with a small or large brim turned down around the face. It was popular during the similar to the popularity of the bob hairstyle.

Inspiring Images: The Bright, Young, Roaring Twenties - The Cut

Inspiring Images: The Bright, Young, Roaring Twenties

Bee Jackson-champion Charleston dancer--she is where bee's knees saying came from--l'esprit swing's

Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, born in Montgomery, AL.an American novelist and wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, an icon of the - dubbed by her husband "the first American Flapper.

Pearls, pearls, pearls...1920's

Laura La Plante - Laura La Plante (November 1904 – October was an American actress, best known for her silent film roles. Born as Laura LaPlant, La Plante made her acting debut at the age of and in 1923 was named as one of the y

Lily Elsie in "The Merry Widow". Actress and singer. What an elaborate costume.

Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie, le Belle Epoque Beauty in my series Beauties of le Belle Epoque - Sanctuaries, Dreams and Shadows - Art, Poetry, Vintage Images - Zimbio

Diamonds?  Please...  Pearls are a girl's best friend.

Pola Negri, silent film star, born as Apolonia Chałupiec. She used to date Rudolph Valentino :) When my great-grandmother would comment on a supposedly beautiful woman, she'd say, "She's no Pola Negri".


Lily Elsie was a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era, best known for her starring role in the hit London premiere of Franz Leh?r& operetta The Merry Widow.

A curated post showing halloween costume infographics.

A curated post showing halloween costume infographics.


Vintage Styled Black and White Photo. Old Fashioned Makeup and Finger Wave Hairstyle.

1920s...the perfectly arranged coif for a flapper girl of style.

Edythe Baker, 1925 (sort of in love with this. I'm thinking roaring party costume?) Jule Andre, 1927 Bettina Graziani in Dior, .