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one car or two cars???

The owner of this van used a creative vehicle wrap to give the impression that a convertible sports car was parked next to it. I have never seen anything like

Smart Car vehicle wrap - so cute!

Choose your adventure with a mini electric car or an eco-friendly, urban vehicle that embodies efficiency and innovation from smart USA.

mactac films-adhésifs-decoration-véhicule-sport-MACfleet-6500-van-Vision-On-Ltd-New-Zealand

mactac films-adhésifs-decoration-véhicule-sport-MACfleet-6500-van-Vision-On-Ltd-New-Zealand

Mini Cooper car wraps by The Cool Hunter. Car wrap design print designation covering pixel grid raster

Pixel Mini Cooper- I would so love to own this car!

A quick design on how we could advertise our products on the trucks/vans    have an effect as if the trucks side has been ripped off to reveal a lifestyle of our most popular products. plus where the truck does not looked ripped would be ideal to place our logo and anything else we'd like to advertise such as "free delivery      TR

Another Design to show we could have multiple lifestyles.

Create a stunning design for one of the top custom shops in America by R.Roi

Create a stunning design for one of the top custom shops in America