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Bree Lotz is my sister through and through. No one can change that. We may not be biologically related but we are still related and we always will be. I am glad I have her in my life and I am glad that I can say that she is the greatest mom to my niece and nephew and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I will always love her and I will always want her as my family, friend and protector. I love you big sis

Sisters Quote - Instead of using "Quote" wood boards to put in your home put the saying on a picture you love and print it. I made this a canvas print to hang in my girls room! Aww, i love this!

Health warrior

We Fight MS every day! We are Warriors! We're not lazy we do need to rest or take a day off to recoup.Most people don't understand Keep up your Fight!

Coping with a chronic illness/pain!

Nobody wants a migraine – that throbbing head, the vision problems, sickness, and fatigue. Fortunately, migraine prevention is often possible with some clever strategies.




So true- Sister gift // Sisters Dont need words, // A special art print featuring your photo .

If I had $1 for everyone's "cure..."

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Sleep Apnea, etc.-(don't judge until you've walked in our shoes)!