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Grey Felt Bear With A Balloon, Teddy Bear, Felt Bear In Top Hat, Tiny Bear Toy, Felted Animals, Felt Animals, Small Stuffed Bear, Mini Bears

Tiny Grey Bear With A Balloon Felt Bear In Top Hat Felted by Amuru

Stuffed Bear Softie, Bear With A Scarf, Bear Plush Toy, Felted Miniature Animals, Felt Animals, Teddy Bear

dont be so glum errol I'll find you a friend here with my followers on don't be so plushie , they love a contemporary design toy of melancholy hugs like you Felt Bear With A Scarf Felted Miniature Animals Felt by Amuru

BIRDS Felt Magnets - Price per 1 item - make your own set - Flamingo,Eagle,Parrot,Owl,Pelican,Toucan,Peacock

I need to make the branch into a brooch, but with yellow flowers to make it look like forsythia, maybe a mix of that pale yellow and bright yellow felt that I have?

This could not be any more adorable. Could be a 'Bag o' Bears', filled with different substances, some squishy, some crunchy etc for a baby gift?