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youngbreakoutactresses:    ‘When I say black lives matter,’ she explains, ‘I’m not saying white lives don’t, I’m just saying that this is a group of people that has been systematically repressed for generations so it’s necessary to shed light on it to undo those wounds. Some people think that it’s trying to exclude white people, but that’s not the point. The point is to uplift voices that have been silenced and that’s a problem in the way we’re treating race. Amandla Stenberg

Actress and social activist Amandla Stenberg graces the redesigned cover of ASOS Magazine’s spring-summer 2016 issue. The British fashion retailer features

driflloon: “ naomi janumala @ anima mgmt ”


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Guinean Super model, Sira Kante in collaboration with ace Ghanian photographer, Justin Amoafo made yellow look sexy in a recent shoot.

Роза Урбан

Роза Урбан / Roza Urban - What bushy and dark eyebrows, what dark and shaggy hair. Sensual freckles and liquid eyes which can melt you.

Topaz Sports gold and orange speck as in freckles all over her face. She is the second youngest of the twelve sisters(as in November). The only sister to escape from her father after he promised his daughters to marriage after he found out that they had meddled in dark magic. She cut her curly hair that she was known for and stowed away on a ship and has been running from her father since then. She misses her sisters a lot and her deceased mother but she's happy with who she is now and with…

cybelle has been constantly teaching lee how to sneak looks at passing guys, give people moody looks, and completely play hard to get