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Truth, but with out the glaring grammatical errors, ugh. Who is teaching English to these people? @julianvalentin

Here are the top 10 quotes for best friends. There& nothing like having a true best friend and these quotes are perfect to show your appreciation for your best friend.

A good friend knows all your best stories, a best friend has lived them with you. see the difference?

A good friend knows all ur best stories, a best friend has lived them with u. See the difference?

Bestfriend quote .

Best friends make good times better and hard times easier. quotes about life and friendship

She's my best friend, of course I'm going to tell her everything that you just said.

The funny best friend quotes with images is our amazing collection of cutest friendship quotes to express your best memories with your dearest friend.

Best Friends-I don't think I would ever do anything to embarass my dear friends-lol

Looking for funny friendship quotes? Than stop searching and check out our collection of best funny quotes about friends. These funny sayings about friends and friendship are guarantee to make you laugh out loud.

Sometimes I just wanna laugh at this smh ... But it is true when it's real

Best friend quotes and sayings, friendship is one of the most beautiful thing in life, so we share the best friendship quotes for you!

@Jess  I know I'm being sappy tonight. But we have so many memories and we will be thinking the same thing at the same time. It's proven in our texts. And speak of our texts on my iPod from the da of the concert when I sent you Little Things i havent ever deleted that conversation. So that convo dates back to 7/8/13. Shows our memories

My best friends seem to understand me when I can't understand myself or my choices. I love you girls!

Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you, go to work, do your best, dont outsmart your common sense, never let your prayin knees get lazy, and love like crazy <3 Want to make this with the whole quote

This chorus of this song is so true. "Be a best friend, tell the truth And overuse "I love you" Go to work, do your best Don't outsmart your common sense Never let your prayin' knees get lazy And love like crazy" :)

SO on point! (@Jess Pearl Liu Pope @Hollie Baker. S-J. Mehl @Alla Dan'shina Dan'shina Shtilvasser)

the one you can get mad at only for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them. (although I don't recall ever REALLY being mad at any of my friends)