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I just cant understand peoples stupidity in this fandom. Like really? Why cant you be happy for the boys? Im sorry but I had to say it.

As a counselor, is it weird that I say: "let's keep it real" to my clients all the time???? (haha... I am so professional & such...)

Old Romania Salt Mines Converted Into 370ft Deep Museum

Old Romania Salt Mines Converted Into 370ft Deep Museum ( http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/salina-turda-salt-mines-museum )

5 must have Pinterest boards for B2B.

Testimonials show potential clients what makes you great. They convey a sense of proven results as well as providing a feeling of comfort for readers showing them that other people like them were successful with your service. Learn how to get more followers by creating these Pinterest boards for service businesses http://www.whiteglovesocialmedia.com/pinterest-consultant-5-must-have-pinterest-boards-for-service-businesses-to-get-more-clients/#.UilQsRZI0go |by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

This puzzles me....I have NEVER heard a Canadian say "oot and aboot", we joke about it because Americans think we say this when we don't. Maybe a certain part of Canada we're not aware of? I know I've heard people from parts of the Northern US say these things, but never a Canadian unless they're joking.

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