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Free Directions to Sew a Stuffed Animal Hammock - Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Sew a Stuffed Animal Storage Solution!

Use this free pattern to sew a stuffed animal hammock. You& corral the childhood friends and find the bedroom floor! A simple to sew, usable project.

The Fraggles

The Fraggles

Boober from Fraggle Rock

Boober Fraggle

Today’s Weekly Muppet Wednesdays post is written by our very own Lisa the Intern! BOOBER FRAGGLE Performed by… Dave Goelz First appearance… Fraggle Rock Episode “Beginnings” …

fraggle rock....cast your cares away...worries for another day..let the music play...down at fraggle rock:)

Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away! Leave worries for another day. Dance you cares away, down in Fraggle Rock!

fraggle rock - Google Search

Fragle rock show . Watched tons of times

Rainbow Brite...i remember the cereal too

Rainbow Brite is hood

I got Red! Which "Fraggle Rock" Character Are You?

Which "Fraggle Rock" Character Are You?

The character "Red" from Fraggle Rock. Looks like rockmelon coloured hair to me! I want the entire series on DVD to watch with my future kids - there are some good messages and lessons in the stories of Fraggle Rock to learn from.

fraggle rock the gorg who would be king - YouTube

fraggle rock the gorg who would be king - YouTube




Sprocket - Fraggle Rock


Monchichi Monchichi your so soft and cuddly!   (this was my favorite toy as a kid- until his hair came off)

Monchichi- Loved this guy.remember the song. monchichi monchichi I can play atari. there was a cartton of these oo, loved it and used to watch it. not to mention have a few dolls also.