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Why the chicken crossed the road

Why did the chicken cross the road? ~ This is why I could never own chickens. I wouldn't eat them and I wouldn't sell them to someone that would so I would end up with a chicken retirement home.and no eggs!


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Like how my dad broke the news that my dog died.  I still laughed

Here's a riddle, son.

Puzzle Comic Son, here is a riddle: what has four legs but isn't alive? Nice try, Dad! It's a chair! Not this time, son.

April Fools

April Fools

Funny pictures about Worst April's Fool Prank Ever. Oh, and cool pics about Worst April's Fool Prank Ever. Also, Worst April's Fool Prank Ever photos.

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Beside the joke, can someone with some law skills explain how this is not legit?


Ezért nem árt ha gondosan elolvasod a mosási útmutatót !