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no more deep knee bends, or up-side down exercises sorry Becky but at 19 weeks those are off limits! lol

Pregnancy Fitness Week by Week. Find out how you need to alter your exercise routine during each week of pregnancy with these easy tips. I've been frustrated with how out of breath I am after only a few minutes, so hopefully these tips will help.

Quick Pregnancy #Workout to NOT gain EXCESS weight during #pregnancy.

Quick Pregnancy Workout - Don't Gain Excess Weight

Quick Pregnancy to NOT gain EXCESS weight during I love the fitness experts who say spending hours on the gym is crazy; minutes 4 times a week is all I need!

Staying active and exercising during pregnancy has numerous benefits to both you and your baby. Plus, it increases your chances for an easier labor, delivery, and recovery. For an active pregnancy:…

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Cute maternity photo

The Man Behind the Belly Tee: I'm not one for naked belly maternity pics.but this is funny and maybe just cover the belly.