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in our trees...

in our trees...

Betta fish ... I used to have one. I wish now that I had picked up a book on how to care for these guys, because it turns out the poor thing was probably miserable the way I had him. I'd like to try it again the right way.

♥ Pet Fish Stuff ♥ Bettas are beautiful but did you know they're happier in a small aquarium (they make gallon ones!) with a heater.in that environment they're active and happy, not slumped and sad like in tiny containers.

Clay Crafts: 10 DIY Projects to Keep or Give as Gifts

Clay Crafts: 10 DIY Projects to Keep or Give as Gifts

Clay Garden Markers using oven bake-able polymer clay - enough to roll into balls, then roll into "rod," flatten, stamp with alpha rubber stamps, cut off end to form a point and bake according to package

Looks like the sacred grove! :)

Sun Rays, Redwood Forest, California I loved the redwoods. Played in them as a small child and visited them as an adult.

Unidentified Stony Coral

Unidentified Stony Coral


The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography

Walks in a forest where sunlight filters through the trees, pine needles crunch underfoot and fresh smell of moss and moisture permeate the air! Feel so rejuvenated and one with nature when I'm in a forest.

Misty forest

Foggy Moonlit Forest, Perfect for a stroll into the silence every step guided by the moons light.

Beautiful underwater pic

coral hard soft water reef color colour colorful colourful ocean sea The Truly Impressive Array of Colors Found In Underwater Coral