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Once a gymnast always a gymnast

Once a gymnast always a gymnast

Lol.  Do that a lot :)

they call me noisy izzy even in soccer when a bigger boy or girl is running towards me i like scream and fall on the ground lol.

Angelica's Blog: Gymnast Problems

GYMNAST PROBLEMS every night i visualize my routines for some reason and thats when i stay up till 3 not being able to fall asleep

20 Mind-Flipping Gymnastics GIFs...memories of judging.  Always hoped that gymnasts would wear a black dot on their stomach to make it easier to count the number of rotations/twists

20 Gymnastics GIFs That Will Blow Your Mind

Crazy cool flips, twists, and turns from elite gymnasts around the world. Prepare to feel really inflexible after seeing these 20 gymnastics GIFs.