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Chewbacca + Darth Vader = Jawas? Ewwww.

10 Awesome Decals for the Family Car

ThinkGeek - Star Wars Family Decals [The only acceptable family decal!

"Oh Yes, Movie Time...Star Wars Style!!!"

Tomorrow comes our first event of July: Cinema! Come and discover some short Indian movies with popcorn and hotdogs!

Freeze for instant Lightsabers

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Star Wars fans, you'll soon be able to swing sweet lightsaber popsicles into your mouth, thanks to the Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker from ThinkGeek. Some of you

Star Wars window cling

Funny pictures about Nice window tint. Oh, and cool pics about Nice window tint. Also, Nice window tint photos.

Claudia McParland on

Claudia McParland on

Pogonophile-ahaha there's a word for man has a beard! I LOVE them

#Lego Princess Leia taking butt pictures on the copy machine.  Shame on you, Princess Leia! #StarWars

Funny pictures about Lego fun. Oh, and cool pics about Lego fun. Also, Lego fun photos.

Office space AND star wars AND think geek. Hehe :)

Darth Vader Dark Side Coffee - Do you ever wonder what the crew on the Superstar Destroyer drank to keep them awake during battle? It was probably a cup of Darth Vader Dark Side .

Chancellor Chewie Adhesive Art Print

Chancellor Chewie Adhesive Art Print


Wookie Family Portrait by Maya Gohil. I ♥ the fact they own a hairless cat!I have hairless cats.

Storm Trooper deck chair @PeterDiCicco this is approved for our future patio. I can see the baby Wookie dog curled up on top like the perfect cherry on top!

The Stormtrooper deck chair and other geek furniture - I'm thinking I could modify the Adirondack chair pattern.

Illustrated print on 200gsm satin coated  cardstock, featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Inspired by "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by The Offspring.  Available print sizes: A3 = 29.7 x 42cm A4 = 21 x 29.7cm A5 = 14.8 x 21cm

Obi-Wan - Pretty Fly for a Jedi from Art of Shorelle

Aaand more hipster Obi-Wan, now with his own bad pun shirt too! XD (It's true, he IS pretty fly for a Jedi!) There was an actual song parody with this t. star wars - pretty fly for a jedi

Must have these!

OK, I'm a geek. Need these Star Wars light saber chopsticks! Even though I don't eat food that needs chopsticks lol

Best sleeping bag ever!

Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag - "and I thought they smelled bad on the outside"