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sixpenceee: “ Moss Balls of Lake Myvatn and Lake Akan Moss Balls or marimo (Japanese for “ball seaweed”), also known by various names such as Cladophora ball and Lake ball, is a species of filamentous.

NHKスペシャル 神秘の球体 阿寒湖の毬藻(マリモ) 2

Marimo e' Cladophora ball. ci sono al lago di Akanko a Hokkaido in Giappone.

Amboise(37)-Les jardins paysagers!

Amboise(37)-Les jardins paysagers!

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Lake balls, Aegagropila linnaei, are found in just a few places: Lake Akan in Japan, Lake Svityaz in Ukraine and until last year they were also found in Lake Mývatn in Iceland.

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Tutorial de Arbolitos de Musgo

Tutorial de arbolitos de musgo

Growing Irish Moss from seed *Irish Moss, also known as scotch or sand wort moss.It looks like a moss but it is actually a “perennial plant.

This illustration shows the three forms that a particular algae species can take in its freshwater lake environment. Our favorite, of course, is the "lake ball," otherwise known as Marimo moss balls.

Marimo Moss Ball Care: How to Grow and Care For Marimo Moss

Marimo Moss Ball care is simple. Our experts detail everything you need to know to provide Marimo moss proper light, change water and prevent Marimo browning.

Enter the marimo ball into terrariumscaping.

Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Gather your collections, and start building your Marimo a home! Now all you need is the Marimo, or multiple Marimos (to save on shipping, please contact me for quote) :P What you will receive: - 1 Mar

Junior Marimo For Your Own Aquarium

Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Zen Water Garden in by timeremains, $26.00

Marimo Moss Ball Zen Water Garden in Rocking Rocks Glass

Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Zen Water Garden in by timeremains, $26.00

Marimo Seaweed balls

Marimo, also known as Lake ball, is a species of algae. A marimo is a rare growth where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance.