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Japanese Marimo Moss Balls // Aquatic Living Plants for Aquarium Terrarium Accessories,DIY Jewelry Findings

What is a Marimo moss ball? Marimo ball is a kind of fresh water algae grown in Hokkaido, Japan. It is a natural monument in lake Akan, full of LUFFY Marimo Moss Ball x 5+1 FREE! (half an inch in diameter)-Live Rare Easy Decor Pet Plant (Ship From USA) for grow a sea Triops Egg /Fun frog kit (the Monkey Love Them!) It is the beautiful and easiest plant.Just place them in water!: Toys & Games

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Marimo Moss Balls - made of algae, prefers cooler water and shade, needs to be squeezed out in tank water occasionally, shrimp love to sit on and under it, may infect your tank with Cladophora algae which is extremely hard to remove, place in the front or float, it should float at first and sink over time, very slow growing, split in half to grow another one (you have to tie them or roll them to get the new ones round again)