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Humans are the only species to use sweat to their advantage

Vybarr Cregan-Reid, a reader in environmental humanities at the University of Kent, explains how sweat works and how it has helped humans climb to the top of the evolutionary pile.

What's the best time for you to make love?

According to sleep expert Dr Paul Kelley, of Oxford University, circadian rhythms vary over a lifetime

How you need to diet for a YEAR to keep weight off

Obese people who shed an eighth of their weight in an intensive diet and hold it off for a year saw dramatic changes in the chemicals governing their appetite, Danish researchers have found.

Why having a muffin top could kill you

New research published in the British Medical Journal shows midriff bulge can trigger sudden cardiac death. This is caused by an unexpected loss of heart function, which rapidly reduces blood flow.

Sleep: Why the words look blurred when you read in bed

Plenty of bodily processes are active under the cover of darkness. One reason for this is that every cell in the body has its own circadian rhythm, or ‘clock’. We reveal what happens to the body at night and why.

Modern humans have become WEAKLINGS compared with ancient ancestors

Research from the University of Cambridge, covering years of human evolution, has revealed modern skeletons are more fragile than those belonging to our ancestors (shown).

E-cigarettes are 'NOT a safe alternative to smoking'

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the US found mice exposed to mild e-cigarette fumes suffered mild damage to their lungs and became far more susceptible to respiratory infections.

Can an afternoon nap raise your blood pressure?

Throughout history there have been numerous accounts of segmented sleep, from medical texts, to court records and diaries, say researchers from Adelaide and Melbourne.

Male and female brains really ARE wired differently

It is known that women often consider emotional events to be more emotionally stimulating than men do.