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A page from the Bedford Hours made in Paris in the early 15th century for John, Duke of Bedford and his wife, Anne of Burgundy, and later presented by them to Henry VI. Bedford, younger brother of Henry V, acted as Regent of France. This miniature is by another hand than the main artist and depicts the building of an elaborate ark. Above, God surveys a scene that includes the sea thick with shipping and on land what seems to be the assembling of animals for the ark

Divina Commedia:Dante Allighieri writing at his desk. Ornate initial. Ms.74,folio 3.Italian,late 14th. Bibliotheque Nat.,Coll.des Manuscripts, Paris, France

From: Die Hausbucher der Nurnberger Zwolfbruderstiftungen The cook standing in her kitchen on the tile floor and holds in of the Right a grate with five great fishing, which are to be roasted above the carbon fire of the cooker. Jugs and various plate as well as a mortar stand ready, right on ground a large Kupferkanne on the two shelves on the walls. 1663

Marcie with mirror and sculptor's tools---Giovanni Boccaccio Title Des cleres et nobles femmes, De claris mulieribus in an anonymous French translation Origin France, Central (Paris) Date 1st quarter of the 15th century Language French

A representation of the blinding of Tobit from 1479. From the earliest Christian times, the seven deuterocanonical books of Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (or Sirach), and Baruch were regarded by the universal Church as part of Scripture.

Hours of Francis I Master of François de Rohan (French, Paris, active ca. 1525–1546) Date: 1539–40 Culture: French, Paris or Tours Medium: Illuminated manuscript on parchment, bound in leather with gilt

"Dernière partie de cet ouvrage", 1175-1200. A beautifully detailed french manuscript from the end of the 12th century. Sowing clothing, armor and other details (see also other Pages).

Queen's Book, fol. 140v. Ino sowing boiled corn. BL MS Harley 4431, The Book of the Queen, Selected Works of Christine de Pizan, 1410-1414AD.