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Foristell, MO - Morgan Mix. Meet Tesla a Pet for Adoption.

Meet Tesla a Pet for Adoption.

OH, So sad, But So True. Please adopt your next pet! Give these innocent animals…

Tugs at my heart.please adopt shelter dogs and make them smile. I have three. They are the most, loving dogs. They know you saved them. Please don't buy dogs.Save them from shelters. This is sad. I'm glad I saved my 4 month old puppy max. its so sad.

Cow Cats Pet Adoption Center - They provide free rescue and adoption listings to the public to help people find homes for cats, dogs, and other pets without using up valuable shelter resources.    This saves lives by reducing the demands on no-kill shelters, allowing them to focus even more of their energy on helping the animals that truly have no other option.

Free rescue and adoption listings for cats, dogs, and other pets in need of new homes.

I agree, there are so many homeless and forgotten dogs out there who could bring joy to a family!

Brings tears to mine eye-this such never, ever happen. Please spay or neuter. And please support and adopt from your local shelters. We can make a difference to these poor, poor animals.

This is why Drakie is with us now...We both needed each other.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Honor your beloved pet by adopting a shelter animal. Adopt, don’t shop! And don’t wait either -- shelter animals are waiting for YOU--RP BY HAMMERSCHMID.

Please Spay & Neuter.  Always Adopt - Don't Shop. If Dog Breeders Really Loved their Breed, They'd STOP Breeding & Instead Would Work For or Volunteer at One of Their Breed's Nationwide Rescue Groups/Shelters.  BREEDING IS ABOUT GREED & NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD.

Take Action - Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers and Heart Stick facilities. Sharing for all the animals who will be exterminated just because they were born. Spay and neuter and Always Adopt Don't Shop.

There are zero reasons why animal testing needs to continue other then cruelty.

There are zero reasons why animal testing needs to continue other then cruelty.

The ripple effect....the more of us that adopt rescue animals from shelters and educate ourselves and each other...the more hope there is for animals who cannot spak for themselves.

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The ripple effect. the more of us that Adopt Rescue animals from shelters & educate ourselves & others. the more hope there is for animals who cannot speak for themselves. *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life Adopt from shelter/rescue.

Love your pet.

The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world.But it WILL change the world for that one animal. ALL ANIMALS.