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ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen abend und später eine gute nacht - http://www.1pic4u.com/blog/2014/10/02/ich-wuensche-euch-noch-einen-schoenen-abend-und-spaeter-eine-gute-nacht-429/

!!!!! So true... So, the message here is to remove myself from the bustle of people, and traffic, and busy-ness and take myself for a drive to the outskirts of anywhere, walk a labyrinth, sit on a hilltop, stare at the stars at night.... and meditate.

i see the light and dark. i see the light in others when they only see the dark in themselves. i see and accept the dark in myself, and strive for healthier, when others run from the process. it's not easy, but God, keep working thru me. i got you, my G!

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