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My Dysfunctional Family Christmas: Leftovers

My Dysfunctional Family Christmas: Leftovers

thankful for Friendships...AMEN! Thank you for the people you allow in my life!!

thanks for great people in my life. Especially thankful for the people that love my boys! They are my favorite people!

15 Practical Ways To Help During A Season Of Depression:    1)  Bathe Yourself In The Bible  2)  Worship Him Through Song  3)  Seek Wise Council  4)  Be Content  5) Give Up On Perfect  6) Take Baby Steps  7) Do What You Can  8) Don't Over Commit  9) Take Care Of Yourself  10)  Remember God Is With You  11) Simplicity Vs. Gain  12) Find Time To Laugh  13) Cast Down Your Idols  14) Remember This Is Just A Season  15) Ask God For Wisdom    .... read more at blog page...

I finally realized I was in a season of depression when I acknowledged it. I’m depressed.

Sex is more then the way we dress or how hot we can make it in the bedroom. Sex is an intimate relationship - and it matters to God.

Does Sex Matter to God? (Leviticus 18

Most teenage relationships are filled with drama and overreactions. But teenage relationships can bloom to be beautiful future marriages if the teenagers comprehend how a healthy relationship works.

10-6-14 What Stepfamily Teaches About God— Have you ever noticed that God uses family to grow us up? Living in a blended family teaches a lot of things but one of them is the power of grace. You know, to welcome the outsider in. Turn a stranger into a family member.

Being a stepmom is hard. Stepmoms Laura Petherbridge, Gayle Grace and Heather Hetchler offer their very best advice for becoming the best stepmom you can be.

Soul Survival - help & hope for the heart's journey with God

believing we are merely the victim of chance or circumstances or the actions of others leads to hopelessness and despair. How can we help others and ourselves respond in ways that are pleasing to God and lead to genuine life change?

Fresh attitudes that line up with Biblical truths and focused habits led by the Holy Spirit lead to real life change.

This year has been one of deep self-evaluation in the Lord’s presence. Over the years I have struggled with changing unhealthy and dysfunctional habits in my life to creating habits that are …


God is big enough to solve any problem, comfort the deepest grief to help you overcome any obstacle in your life. How big is you faith in Him?

Being a survivor of abuse, I am sure you know the strange and fragile balance between acceptance and denial. On the one hand you want (and do) hold your head up high and say to the world: I am a survivor, look at how strong I am. On the other you want to hide, because you are convinced that the world says: She is a survivor of abuse, look how damaged she is.  It is an eternal conflict between embracing our past and feeling extraordinary shame for it. Sign in to keep reading

The Fragile Balance between Acceptance and Denial

This makes me very sad for my husbands children. I wish they knew what a real family was supposed to be like, instead of having to be manipulated and controlled by their mother.