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20 lbs down since the fall! 5-10 to go :) I like to move it move it....

7 Basic Yoga Asanas That Will Help You Beat Constipation

Have you ever tried any natural remedies for constipation? How about trying yoga for constipation? Here are best poses for you to check out if no cures or home remedies offer any solution.

3 Ways To HIIT The Barre

whether you want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break or tone up for a fast-approaching event, this 6-exercise circuit workout has you covered. each exercise requires total body engagement, but the workout is designed to emphasis the burn in the lower body.

From Couch to 5k - My Journey To Get Healthy & Get Pregnant

10 Autumn Songs for Preschoolers

Music/Movement While listening to the teacher read the poem follow along with the moves Program Goal- To develop effective language skills, both listening and speaking

PELANGSING BADAN ( BODY HERBAL SLIM ) BODY SLIM HERBAL, Menurunkan berat badan 5-15 kg SEBULAN, AMAN TANPA EFEK SAMPING APAPUN!! Jaminan kualitas dan keamanan Body Slim Herbal: Lulus Standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard International yang menjamin pengujian bahan aktif farmasi, diagnostik, makanan, produk farmasi, dan alat kesehatan. Lulus Standard ISO 9001 ISO 9001 merupakan standar Internasional di bidang system manajemen mutu. Suatu lembaga/organisasi yang telah…