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What happens after your #braces come off?

What happens after your #braces come off?

Healthy happy smiles during braces! Learn useful tips here:).

Healthy happy smiles during braces! Learn useful tips here:). -get my crooked teeth fixed):

Tips for Taking Care of your Braces and Teeth - www.forgreatsmiles.com - Dr. Trent Lofgren, DDS

Braces Tips: Make the most of your orthodontic treatment by learning what to eat and what to avoid. Some foods are too hard and may damage the wires or brackets.

types of braces info straighten teeth without braces

Orthodontics (tooth straightening) and braces have improved a great deal since the days of the old school metal braces. So can we straighten teeth without braces? Traditional metal braces are still…

The way, keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, it is also important that you take proper care of the braces applied to your teeth. There are several things that can be done at regular intervals. Go through this infographic to know what all it includes, keeping the braces clean.

Take a look at this infographic for tips to keep your braces clean!

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Gold braces are more expensive than regular braces.and braces are expensive (FahmeenaOdetta)

This is great for people who have braces and want to plan ahead of time

Colours of braces ties. ** I used to love wearing different colours depending on the time of year/occasion.

Got braces? There's a style for your beautiful smile!

The Ultimate Braces Style Guide


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Orthodontic Braces: What Are the Different Types of Braces?

Often we use harmful medicine to kill toothache. Study reveals that though they kill the pain, they do not kill the disease. Without wasting time, let us come to dental implants nyc, and maintain a healthy mouth!