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Timeline Photos - Warhammer 40K United

Death korps of Krieg probably the most badass guards men of all time beside the Catachan haha , which imperial guard regiment do you think deserves the.

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Art of Karl Kopinski FB page. Here's some servitor sketches from the Space marine xbox game I helped out on a few years back!

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What Are Your Favorite Concept Art Pieces Of The Imperium?

I had the pleasure of painting the cover image for the new Sisters of Battle Codex for WH40k under the art direction of Darius Hinks. Super fun Here's the official stuff on FB: www.facebook.com/pho...

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19400040_1503582949694543_3337636389783154248_n.jpg (540×960)

19400040_1503582949694543_3337636389783154248_n.jpg (540×960)