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Totoro Baby

Totoro Baby Costume by youandmie OH MY LORD. Baby girl is going to be Totoro next Halloween.

Houses of Ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki - Studio Ghibli works most desirable place Chinchillas home," My Neighbor Totoro Laputa" Castle in the Sky Ou Sina wife's bakery" Kiki Moving Castle" Howl moving Castle oil House" Spirited Away.

La Botteghilla - Handmade in Italy: Rebirth's Place

La Botteghilla - Handmade in Italy: Rebirth's Place

Susuwatari (soot sprite) nails from My Neighbor Totoro!

Susuwatari (soot sprite) nails from My Neighbor Totoro!

Totoro mittens!!

Totoro mittens!!

Mei and the kitten bus, cortometraje continuación de Mi vecino Totoro. Por lo visto solamente se puede ver en el Museo Ghibli en Japón. Habrá que ir a Japón.

The sequel to My Neighbor Totoro, called Mei and the Kittenbus. It's only shown at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Japan. -- Studio Ghibli movies, Tonari no Totoro sequel film, cat bus

Susuwatari Embroidery Hoop - NEEDLEWORK

Susuwatari Embroidery Hoop - NEEDLEWORK - Hi there!I love all ghibli world, the movies are amazing and so magic, and one of my favourite creatures are the susuwataris, or soot sprites!

Bottled Totoro Landscape                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Setup a lovely scenery that includes your favorite woodland creature with this micro Totoro landscape kit!


Food Art, Totoro, Bento, Dishes

Japanese artist Riu creates remarkably intricate paper cut designs. Winner of multiple online art competitions, the young artist maintains an Instagram account and blog that each showcase a stunning display of technical skill within delicate patterns. Papercutting is a worldwide tradition that has evolved within many cultures. Symbolic and decorative in nature, it has both …

Intricately Detailed Papercut Designs by RIU