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Can't Beat Your Fat and Sugar Cravings?

Dr Oz's Sugar Detox: Take Chromium Picolinate (1,000 mg daily) to fight sugar withdrawal and a Vitamin B complex (100% daily allowance) to fight carbohydrate cravings....why have I never seen this before?!?! These are my two biggest problems... guess I should maybe start taking these!

5 shocking reasons why Americans are getting fatter

Americans have become huge. Between the and the Americans grew, on the average, an inch taller and 24 pounds heavier. The average American man today weights 194 pounds and the average woman 165 pounds.

Low Carb Food Pyramid: includes 9-11 servings of non starchy vegetables and 1-2 servings of low sugar fruit

Straight to you from Derby City: the classic mint julep, and a mint fizz mocktail.

This mint fizz mocktail that's cool and refreshing for you and the kids and looks really special to boot. With this recipe you have TOTAL CONTROL over how much sugar goes in your drink.

Beer Bread

Beer Bread from Per, the #1 recipe for Beer Bread in the world! There are a few recipes for beer bread out there, but none as simple (and tasty!) as this one. You can even mix it in the baking pan for easy cleanup. This is sensational when served with soups or just as a snack, but don't expect it to be around very long when your family gets a taste of it! Be sure to use a sheet pan on the shelf below the pan to catch any excess butter that may drip during cooking.