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that's me- lower left corner - Woodstock,1969  I was called Goodwoman then

Woodstock: previously unseen images

Hala Faisal walked about in the nude with antiwar slogans painted on her body in the Washington Square fountain on Tuesday in a protest against the Iraq war.  Photo by Jefferson Siegel

October That's what I call a real protest. Love the guy's face!

Woodstock 1


vintage everyday: 60 Amazing Photographs Captured Daily Life at the Woodstock Festival, August 1969


My novel "Hippie Drum" is inspired by experiences like this. Hippie elegance in the Woodstock mud. (The legal drinking age in New York at the time, we should note, was Just if you were wondering.

Woodstock açılış seremonisi, New York, 14 Ağustos 1969

Photo: Worldlifestyle Another shot of Swami Satchidananda, the Indian religious teacher and spiritual master giving the opening prayer for the festival. That’s 600 acres of people looking on.

Color Photos from the Woodstock Festival 1969 - Imgur

Color Photos from the Woodstock Festival 1969