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Lol funny

“Beyoncé was so into what Jay Z was doing on his phone she started eating her drink”

XD ... and now divide ÷ ... So + × ÷ ... the next will be - minus I think ...

But I guess the fame and fortune make up for not knowing basic arithmetic.


buttcheekpalmkang: “ gay-babys-first-playboy: “ mohicaaa: “ 💀😂😂😂 ” OH SHIT ” Bruh.

Bahahahaha. This is my mother through and through.. Preach is pastor

Whenever I'd misbehave in church, my mama would always subtly give me the most fiercest pinch to my arms. Like, that shit felt like a freaking crab had a death grip on me.

Yeeee! Shots fired xD

Kermit The Frog But That's None Of My Business- Beyonce Blue Ivy.oh Kermit!