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Photo by Justin-Julius Santos

Photo by Justin-Julius Santos

Summer engagement session at Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota. Photos by Saint Paul…

Another great casual option! Guys, try to avoid prints smaller than this so that they don't get distorted in camera! Summer engagement session at Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota. Photos by Saint Paul…

This is another one of Henri Cartier-Bresson images. (I can't find the name of this image)   This image uses a similar technique to HCB other image (Gare Saint Lazare) the fast shutter speed, the silhouetted figure and the reflective surface.  This is why I incorporated this image into my Pinterest. I like the bright tone of the bricks that are around the water, because it makes the water stand out every more making it look more important.

I like this picture by Henri Cartier-Bresson. This picture uses the simplicity of a black and white picture and is simple in general. The reflection of the kid in the water gives a really nice effect that attracts viewers to view this picture.

brazenbvll:  Flying Over The Fog : (©)

Flying Over The Fog by Philippe Sainte-Laudy. The flock of birds makes this photograph but the misty layered mountains first caught my eye.

These beautiful, black and white with a sprinkle of "rebellion" photos are the ones that I truly love!

“Only you know when you’re using things to protect yourself and keep your ego together, and when you’re opening and letting things fall apart, letting the world come as it is--working with it rather than struggling against it.

Vintage Dior...reasons I wish we still dressed like this

Vintage Evening Dress by Yves Saint Laurent pour Dior 1958 Women's vintage fashion photography photo image

Boldt Castle, New York | Incredible Pictures, I would love to see this

I Am the King of My Castle (21 Photos)

Boldt Castle, located on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands of the Saint Lawrence River, along the northern border of New York, USA