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Some people assume that "high functioning' means easy. Megan Goates, mother of four boys, two with Autism says it's not so simple. All disabilities and challenges are difficult on some level.  Click to listen to her engaging story.

High Functioning, Low Functioning... It's All Hard with Megan Goates // Episode 2 - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Listen to Episode High or Low Functioning, It's All Hard with Megan Goates // Bringing Up Betty: True Tales of Special Needs Parenting

Living in the Mixing Bowl With Autism

My 6 year old son is severely autistic. A lot of my time is consumed caring for his needs. It's all worth it, because he's worth it. :) We can relate. Times can become hard and nights long but when they look at you it is all woth it!

Autism awareness

True about autism, mental health disorders, ADHD, and other "invisible" conditions

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It is repetitive behaviors, such as head banging, hand flapping, and rocking. They do it to sooth themselves. They are over stimulated, and need to find comfort.


Parenting children on the autism spectrum can make interactions with the public a stressful event. The child’s behaviors can draw disapproving and judgmental stares or unsolicited remarks .

Books about special needs for kids. Lots of different topics about differently abled children.

Children's Books about Special Needs

Wonderful children's books about special needs. List contains a variety of books about disabilities ranging from blindness to autism. Lesson to typically functioning children about their fellow classmates who may have a disabilities.

I think this is true for any parent at times. But definitely more so for a special needs parent

For all the professionals out there - please read - what it is really like to be a parent of a Special Needs Child.Don't judge us listen to us - Autism - SPD

Be understanding.

What Do Repetitive Autistic Behaviors Look Like?