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1980 Volkswagen Pickup Yellow Truck Ad, Vintage Advertisement Print

Featuring a yellow 1980 Volkswagen Pickup truck zooming by another truck. The truck version of a Volkswagen Rabbit. Detailing aerodynamic hood, solid engine, an

wow, a dryer...don't have to hang the laundry on the line...what will they think of next?

Vintage Ad for Whirlpool Clothes Dryer - 'Enjoy perfect drying weather, every day, every year.

Windex, 1937  grinning like a fool about washing windows. yes, I actually like to wash windows lol

“Easier Than Blowing Your Breath in the Glass” Windex Glass Cleaner Circa 1957

Carnation Milk (1910s) ................. God, I STILL USE THIS over regular milk ....... IF i need regular milk, just use 1/2 can milk AND 1/2 water ...voila, regular milk!  LOL LOL (or Pet Milk  - whichever is cheapest)

Carnation Milk Vintage Metal Sign- Carnation Milk Vintage Metal Sign Carnation Milk Vintage Metal Sign Our tin and metals signs are top quality hand silk screened works of art manufactured by a small team of dedicated artists. The tin signs are heavy

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Fat-reducing soap from 1925. | 25 Health Products You'll Be Glad You Don't See Today

Fat-reducing soap from We don't see these soaps today, because it is proven they don't work!

"Famous Jell-O desserts cannot be made by anything sold in any other package" ... love it!

JELL-O BACK <> The pamphlet ends with the Kewpies, this time in strange (military, housewife) costumes, guarding the Jell-O, and a reminder that “the famous Jell-O desserts can not be made of anything sold in any other kind of package.” KEWPIES 6 of 6

ESSO Extra High-Octane Gasoline - Humble Oil Corporation - Vintage Advertising Poster

ESSO Extra High-Octane Gasoline - Humble Oil Corporation - Vintage Advertising Poster gas is a good gift