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True love + Gwen  don’t get me wrong I love Gwen but srsly Merlin and Arthur

Ha ha what makes this even better is that, for some reason, Arthur still brings Merlin along while taking his wife on a date.) -- or arthur brings gwen on a date with his boyfriend

(New) Personality quiz: Are you Arthur, Merlin or Morgana? Here is the link: http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2012/11/new-personality-quiz-are-you-arthur-merlin-or-morgana/

(New) Personality Quiz: Are You Arthur, Merlin or Morgana? I got Arthur, though I don't really agree. This quiz was too obvious who was who and not very realistic.

BBC Merlin

"The Adventures of Merlin" (BBC). This is based on the famous Arthurian Legend, butso much better! I'm addicted to this TV series.

This is terrible.

This show broke my heart. More than anything I've ever watched. I just got so attached to the characters. This is not okay. <<< further more, Merlin ended as broken as Arthur T^T

my absolute favorite Merlin and Lancelot scene <3 makes me cry. S3 E13.

I love Lancelot. He gave Merlin the credit he deserved. The credit Merlin wanted so desperately from Arthur since the beginning, and the credit Arthur couldn't give until the very end.