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Images of art, design, fashion and fancy. 20 images of the same tone or color in a row. over and over and over again. Straight from a modern mother in the fine city of Portland, OR. Check out my other blog art,fashion and interior design Find me on...

What was amusing about the fifties was that women didn't care about looking young recalled Karl Lagerfeld. An eighteen-year-old wanted to look like a woman with jewelry and a mink coat because this was the fashion. The fashion of sexiness and youth didn't

Pre-fall style confuses the heck out of me. It doesn't help that my wardrobe is built for either a full on heat wave or 35 and pouring, but I have a harder

A daily lookbook of outfit inspiration throughout every season of vogue. Lifestyle blogger Charlie Pea offers you the latest trends, styles and fashion news.

Symmetry Symptom is an online mood board for inspiration and promotion of good design. Focusing on graphic design, photography, architecture, typography,...

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