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This picture is an example of Constrained visual language, the white part is a hind leg and a tail, there is a dog's head which behinds the white part. I think the designer wants to show the Transmigration, the end is the start.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Paul Boardman (UK) More posters & info on buy this poster on

35 Minimally Minimal Logos

This poster design for 'Black Swan' the designer have an idea that is from of constrained visual language.

JESSICA - the constrained visual language is shown through this image through the figure of ice cream is represented with the cone figure. Also the substitution of earth as the ice cream provides the visual perception of what is happening to earth now which is no other than global warming.

Lia 01 V.L This poster includes constrained visual language, and especially it shows visual metaphor well. There are the earth and candle light. The designer combined them together like melting earth. This means that the problem of global warming is getting worse so people should care about this matter seriously.

Assignment 6 (metaphor examples)

Marcus- This is a poster of also used constrained visual language. The main idea of this poster is warning people that global warming is very serious now. this poster just show the idea really straight even cancel the bottom part (letters).

This is an artwork by Bruno Munari. He is really a master of Constrained visual language. As you can see here, he uses just simple object such as fork to create hand signs which creates another meaning. I am quite surprised that he is so creative as i have never thought of using fork as an object for hand signs

The designer of this poster wanted to bring attention to an issue that lingers well after a country has fought in the war. Through the use of photograph, illustration and type this has effectively been communicated through the designers constrained visual language. Land mines are indiscriminate making victims of any who come in contact with them.

ASH The simplicity of this finger print silhouette represents a multitude of allusions to constrained visual language. There is, of course, the representation of identity, and uniqueness, as there are no two fingerprints the same.