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Tomesode (formal kimono). Taisho period (1912-1927), Japan. A silk tomesode featuring ‘orizuru’ (paper-crane) motifs worked with yuzen resist dyeing, brush-painting and surihaku gold-foil outlining. The Kimono Gallery

“Kiroboshi”. Kimono created by Kiroboshi Onozuka. Seiko Kimono Culture Foundation Award. 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award work. Japan

Kimono Nagoya : Kaga-Yuzen have a distinct style. You’ve seen them. They’re traditional and ‘designer’ in most cases which means they are out of the price range of all but the most serious collectors, enthusiasts and wealthy.

Kimono with yuzen-zome pattern " Autumnal Tints in Saga Field" by Hata Tokio, Japanese National Living Treasure