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Do you have the facts on the bit most commonly used in riding today? If not, we're breaking down the parts of the snaffle and the common ring and mouthpieces you'll find. This is awesome!

Knowing the parts of the hoof can help you communicate with your farrier better. Cave Creek Equine.

While a horse hoof isn't exactly gear, without it, you wouldn't have a functioning properly horse. So, here is a teaching photo about horses' hooves.

First Dressage competition 1971 this happened! TRB

The Dressage test had gone perfectly. Then, during the halt, he suddenly went rogue. I have experienced the rogue hoof.

Every time

Horse afraid of the water puddle. Lmao that was me at old after seeing

Haha! Knighters is the one on the bottom!

If lesson horses could talk: So true it hurts lol Dallas has pulled every one of these when I put a kid on him.

26 Creatively Costumed Horses Who Are Masters Of Disguise

26 Creatively Costumed Horses Who Are Masters Of Disguise

#horsehumour. Which type is yours? www.horsedeals.co.uk

Blue ribbon for me! I've ridden all of these school horse species!