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Our children were babies when we adopted them. Three were newborns, and two were 3 months old. They grew up in our arms. They were�

Welcome to Adoption Talk 2016 and to my blog: messy, beautiful and BS-free

The Adoption Talk linkup is for adoptive & foster families, birth parents, adoptees and anyone connected to adoption. Come read multiple blog posts & articles about adoption in one place, 2x monthly. #AdoptionTalk |Adoption|Foster Care|Parenting|Birth Mother|International Adoption|Domestic Adoption|China Adoption|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals|@JillinIL|

It's my story, too - Why I write about adoption

Some people question my oversharing. I like to refer to it as transparency. Here's why I write about adoption. |adoption|domestic adoption|international adoption|china adoption|post adoption depression|bonding|attachment|parenting|

No one can understand the feeling of adoption until you actually go through it. I love you Kaleb Thomas. Best nephew ever. (:

It's my story, too - Why I write about adoption

It's my story, too - Why I write about adoption - Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

Janel MacLean

​If I had to tell you all of the ways that my life has been blessed by Illustrated Faith, I would be here all day. Seriously. This movement and community are such a big part of my life and with that my spirit has been enriched. The most recent blessing has been the opportunity to create a stamp set for …

My Parents and Their Decision to Adopt --- After a few years of marriage, my parents knew something was missing in their life: children. #miscarriage #adoption

Before you make that comment, wondering how somebody could ever “give her baby away” or inquire if my daughter’s birth mother was on drugs, or