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Мобайл 2015 — Official Russian — Medium

Мобайл 2015

Dropzone by Vladimir Gruev #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots


Dropzone by Vladimir Gruev

Stopwatch by Vladimir Gruev

Stopwatch by Vladimir Gruev

Hi dribbblers!  How is it going? I think there is nobody here who doesn't like making a day better with something tasty. And I am the one also! Suppose, good food is the great way to feel the world...

Cafe Coupon App

Discount saving system concept in food app for a chain of cafes by tubik studio

사진 - Google 포토

사진 - Google 포토

Showing the phone version from previous shot. More screen soon. Happy weekend! Cheers!

Task, Memo, Schedule, Weather & etc.

Task, Memo, Schedule, Weather & etc. by Anton Chandra - Dribbble

Login Screen UI /// Daily UI Day 01

Login Screen UI /// Daily UI, Day 01

Daily UI, Day Took some creative license with the task and reinterpreted the UI for an iOS app login screen I recently worked on for a client. My goal with the Daily UI challenge (as of Day