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What precious does my textbooks were her favorite

Puzzles and cats don't mix! And I think the cats and dogs are in cahoots. The cat bats the puzzle pieces onto the floor so that the dogs can eat them.

happy kitty!!

Guess who found your antidepressant pills! pinned onto Funny Board in Humor Category


Don't make me come in there!

Kangaroo - "Quiet down. Don't make me come in there!Eastern Gray Kangaroo Looking into Her Pouch to Check on Baby Inside by Tim Laman


Nope cat doesn't want to take a bath. Nope cat can't even LOOK at the bath.

i hate bath

Every time I see a wet cat I cannot stop laughing, they're hilarious. - same but even more funny

This made me giggle, chuckle, drop and roll - Imgur

This made me giggle, chuckle, drop and roll


What he has to go through! Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 45 Pics lol