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http://www.pilotjunkie.com/product.php?productid=3950&cat=249&page=1 Sennheiser-S1 Passive Aviation Headset

'Say Coffee or Tea' is a humorous book aimed at cabin attendants, but is also very readable for everybody involved in aviation. $18.50 from Swamp Cartoons Shop. #aviation #humor http://www.swamp.com.au/shop_product.php?p=100

Funny cartoon book on aviation humour. $18.50 from the Swamp Cartoons Shop. #aviation # humour http://www.swamp.com.au/shop_product.php?p=104

Martin Leeuwis Publications have compiled #aviation #humor from 21 cartoonists from around the world for this funny book, 'Going Up Sir'. $18.50 from the Swamp Cartoons Shop. http://www.swamp.com.au/shop_product.php?p=101

Top 10 Polish Aviation Aces of World War II - http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-polish-aviation-aces-of-world-war-ii.php

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