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tribal dancer - tribal fusion belly dancing custom my little pony by aikarin

tribal dancer - tribal fusion belly dancing custom my little pony by aikarin

custom my little pony

Ok so this girl was going to my entry into the custom comp at ponycon, i have been working on her for ages and I& really pleased with how she turned out! i have had this bride bait for ages and af.

Pink Swiftwind by *lovelauraland on deviantART

Here is my version of Pink Swiftwind She-Ra's horse as a my little pony for. yes you guessed it, she was made for Jean from the Mlparena (yep shes a .

Sky by lovelauraland

To make it up to you all here is a new pony that I have cal.

Firefly The dragonfly pony by *lovelauraland on deviantART

Firefly is a creation I made for the mlpcon back in October, only just getting to load the pics of her up on here, sorry about the delay! She is Sold Firefly The dragonfly pony

G3 Merry Go Round Moondancer by Woosie.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This pony was made for Zapdash as a private commission. It is a Merry Go Round style version of the original unicorn Moondancer. Merry Go Round Moondancer

Delightful Dollymix by assassin-kitty

Another sweetie custom and this time based on one of my favourites Dollymix! Rehaired with nylon hair that has been twisted up and held in place with sc.

♥Candy Floss by lovelauraland♥

Candy Floss is another Candy pony in my series, she was made much the same way as Candy Delight- she has Decoden style fake whipped cream made from Poly.

Sweet Flower by lovelauraland

I have placed her mane up into a bun and she has hand made paper cut flowers in her h.

My Little Pony

Mari Kasurinen, a Finnish sculptor, revamps My Little Pony toys, creating tiny horse replicas of some of today's most interesting pop icons. Here's The Queen of Hearts.

Blue Pegasus, cool what he did with the My Little Pony!

Blu_clouds Pegasus pony by Woosie, color inspiration