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Before the Sunday morning service began he sat out the front of the church building

Before the Sunday morning service began he sat out the front of the church building

Image result for building houses

Image result for building houses

The top 9 obsolete tech gadgets. Everybody had an alarm clock, up until smartphones. Everyone had an MP3 player, but its heyday was nearly 10 years ago. You may still use these products, and that's okay if you do. You feel that these products or technologies are pretty reliable if you don't need anything fancy, and again, that's all right.

Hot waterproof gadgets for the summer: The 2015 edition

Every weekday morning I drag myself out of bed, chastising myself for not going to bed earlier the night before.

The Dharavi squatter settlement in Mumbai is often described as the biggest slum in Asia. It sits between two rail lines in the northern part of the city, on a creek that once sustained a thriving fishery. The creek is now a sump of sewage and industrial waste, and the air above Dharavi is foul. 2007.  Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/squalor.html#ixzz2EsHzlea0

The people of the slum of Annawadi in Mumbai, India live in some of the most abject conditions in the world. How can their plight be improved?

The Webby Award-winning arts magazine. Covering fine art, tattoo, graffiti, design, and cinema.

Memorial riders in remembrance of the Dakota 38 2

Dakota 38 + 2 Riders leaving on their annual ride to Mankato, MN from Lower Brule, SD to honor those who gave their lives and for reconciliation and healing.

7 Ways to Measure the True Costs of Life

Do you know what the true costs of every activity in your life are? Discover the seven currencies we use in life (Hint: it isn't just time or money).