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I Love You - Tiny Envelopes Card with blank notes and confetti

Anniversary card mini envelope for each year together to write a favorite memory from that year.

A daily calendar that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like, "(Child's name) took her first steps." Imagine how neat it would be in 10 years.

Cute & Easy Way to Save Your Kids' Quotes

SAY YES!: "Hey, Mom! Can I _____?" (You fill in the blank!) It is SO easy to say no--especially when our children want to do something messy, time-consuming, or inconvenient. But what if we all decided to say YES?

WHAT A HARD HIKE TAUGHT ME ABOUT MOTHERHOOD: This past fifteen years as a mom has sure taught me a lot about letting go, about getting over things, about fixing and moving on, about trial and error, and about finding beauty in the midst of hard times.

ADVENT TRANSFORMED: I’d always believed that Advent was about preparing for what lies ahead, pausing in winter darkness to welcome the light. But when we started to journey through the dark years of infertility, waiting took on a weightier meaning...[and] when I discovered the surprise, the total shock of new life fluttering deep within me, I caught a different glimmer of Advent’s waiting.