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Szechuan Chicken Chowmein. Splendiferously delicious, so much so that even my family of avid asian food haters inhaled this, and it's so good for you too. WLS Meals. WLS Recipes. Eating Bariatric.

My family hates Chinese food. I believe I've mentioned this. I believe they tell me all the time, with great passion, how much they disli.

Eating Bariatric: Southwestern Grilled Steak Salad

Southwestern Grilled Steak Salad -- 4 oz grilled steak -- chopped 1 cups chopped romaine lettuce 2 TBS corn 1 TBS mashed avocado 1 TBS mild chunky salsa 1 TBS light sour cream 2 TBS chopped corn chips (I used Spicier Nacho Doritos)

Spicy Pineapple Chicken. WLS Meal. WLS Recipe.

Fitness and weight loss along with parenting and general housekeeping! Trying to live everyday life while getting healthy and fit.

Eating Bariatric: Bruschetta Chicken w/Bacon

Bruschetta Chicken w/Bacon

A hundred years ago (okay, so maybe it was only a month or two) my sister was bragging about making Bruschetta chicken and I was jealous.

Eating Bariatric: Chicken Asparagus Salad Boats

Who doesn't love a chicken salad on a spring day? Or any day for that matter. Can I get an, "Amen! Stop drooling.

Eating Bariatric: Ginger-Peach Glazed Chicken

A splendiferously delicious ginger peach glaze for chicken or pork. Takes a little bit of extra time to cook down the sauce but soooo worth it!

Barbie's WLS recipes: Chicken, bacon and avocado salad

I found some really good avocados yesterday. I made baby food with some. And I used the other today. This is more of a summ.

WLS-friendly Bourbon Chicken www.sleevers.wordpress.com. Paleo, low carb, high protein, WLS Recipe, VSG Recipe

Crockpot Bourbon Chicken

I've seen versions of this recipe with lots of sugar and apple juice (sugar again), and wanted to try to make it with less sugar. Turned out quite well. Crockpot Bourbon Chicken Print Prep t.

Eating Bariatric: California Chicken Salad

I had a hankerin' for a California Chicken sandwich, you know -- it's just a chicken sandwich but because they put bacon and avocado on i.

Eating Bariatric: Kickin' Chicken with Honey

This recipe was inspired by (my who loves dipping chicken in honey. So as I was digging around the cupboard for the chi.

Pineapple-Ginger Chicken. Bring the islands home with this delicious pineapple inspired chicken dish. It's seriously splendiferous. WLS Meals. WLS Recipes. Eating Bariatric.

I had planned on just throwing some barbecue sauce onto a couple chicken breasts and grilling them.

Eating Bariatric: French Toast Sticks

Delicious french toast wrapped around chocolate peanut butter and bananas. No slaving over a hot stove for these bad boys.

Crockpot Green Chicken Chili

This is soo awesome. I invented this one night when I had some odd ingredients in my house.