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George Clinton

Parliament set standards in the Funk music game. From the album catalog of the Motor Booty Affair album catalog (released the funkiest ghettoblaster-rocking cowboy dolphin skiing of all-time, George Clinton.

United Funk Of Funkadelica

A 24 song mix of hip hop, soul and funk for one nation under a groove. Do you promise to funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk?

Artwork of George Clinton riding on the back of a pair of dolphins while dressed as a cowboy which was used to publicise Parliament's 1978 album Motor Booty Affair

George Clinton: a life in music – in pictures

George Clinton promoting Parliament's new album Motor Booty Affair 1978

George Clinton

Next month, George Clinton is coming to the UK for a special Guardian event in which he will talk to Alexis Petridis about his life in music. And just a glance at some images from that life proves how extraordinary it has been …

Dizzie Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie (shown) & Charlie Parker became major figures in the development of bebop & modern jazz during the

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