outdoor blue and white wedding

Gauzy canopies added a chic touch to these reception tables without overwhelming the outdoor environment. From the White Reception Decor Spotlight On: JoAnn Gregoli

another example of candle runners (I like the slightly more accidental/disorganized look of the other picture, but this probably requires fewer jars)

7 Easy Decorating Tricks For Simple Summer Shindigs

Tea lights set in mason jars: I like this idea combined with frosted mason jars which is just a simple spray can. Place multiple jars at each table. We can get mason jars of all differing sizes at Goodwills in the area.

Candle glow setting

Design your own elegant winter wedding table. Make uses of our burlap table runners, beautiful table top centerpieces and lovely wedding decorations to get this look

My favorite piece yet that Christopher has done!     Christopher Confero Design.

rob ingram photography Bringing together the sun, surf and sand, this beachside celebration evokes a sense of casual elegance with a vibrant color palette.