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Are they really doing thsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trout are Awesome, You wont believe the different colors they have. Utah has someof the best Trout in the World!

As said on Etymologie: "Sometimes it takes something massive and wildly futuristic to give you the courage to just go and do. Way back when, this was magic; this was someone's impetus." I think this is my new life-mantra.

I Hate Hangers. What Are Some Alternatives? — Good Questions

The size of the framed piece reminds me of an Alphonse Mucha print a friend had that was almost as large. As an aside, totally digging the yellow couch. The scale with the large couch and large art installation is too much, but individually I like them a lot.

Clara Bow costumed, many patterns, black and white film gave sewers some massive luxury!

That's a new perspective… "Yeah not a car, strictly speaking, but makes it a hell of a lot easier for a car to cross a massive body of water. And it's stunning artwork." KB

by Edmund Dulac According to folklore, the under water dwelling of the Finfolk, known as Finfolkaheem (literally 'Finfolk's Home'), is regarded as the place of origin for the Finfolk, and their ancestral home. A fantastic under water palace with massive crystal halls, Finfolkaheem is surrounded, inside and out, by ornate gardens of multi-coloured seaweed. They love anything made of silver; coins and jewellery