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We made wonderful shapes from willow such as stars and fish. Photo by Ric Mellis

An elegent buzzard listen out for their cat-like, 'kee-yaaa' calls as they soar in high circles over grassland, farmland and woodlands. Photographer Karen Cruddis

Everyone got stuck in creating mud cakes photo by Ric Mellis

Being brave and gently holding a slow worm. Photographer: Karen Cruddis

kate explains the mysteries of the plant world Photo by Ric Mellis

An upclose look at a slow worm. These beautiful creatures are not snakes but are infact legless lizards. Photograph by Ric Mellis

Cooking damper bread over the fire. Photograph by Ric Mellis

Mixing up the dough to make damper bread Photo by Ric Mellis

Can you spot what everyone is creating in the mud kitchen? Photo by Ric Mellis

A stunning kestrel sat observing the area. Kestrels are a little smaller than a pigeon and can be found in all kinds of habitats from open countryside to towns and villages. Photographer: Karen Cruddis