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Disney/Star Wars Art - Up

"A Tatooine Explorer Is A Friend To All!" By James Hance Art to make you smile.

Two of my favorite things- Grover and Doctor Who- this is a must have!

"Doctor Blue (Sesame Street / Doctor Who)" T-Shirts & Hoodies by James Hance

Also Supernatural (Season 6 Episode 2)  Sam: huh.  Dean: Shut Up.  Sam: I didn't say anything.... But still, Shut Up

But still, Shut Up

This is not the three fandoms. The three fandom are supernatural, Sherlock, and doctor who and we all no this

Available for Today Only: Two Amazing Doctor Who ' Despicable Me Designs From RIPT | DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES

Get the Doctor Gru t-shirt featuring the super-villain as The Doctor. This Despicable Me Doctor Who shirt is a creative tribute to both the movie and the TV show.

Can't stop cracking up!

Lord Of The Cookies

One cookie to rule them all, One cookie to find them, One cookie to bring them all and in the darkness, eat them. A pop culture mash up inspired by an unforgettable scene from the first Lord of the Rings. (I want this as a shirt)

David Tennant you stop it right now. just kidding dont, 0________0

26 Photos Of David Tennant That Will Make Your Panties Drop.

A la gente se le va

The UK webshop for artist James Hance. Here you will be able to see, and buy, prints of his much loved works. Everything from Star Wars to Doctor Who to the Muppets to Labrynth to The Beatles.

Please Let Someone Find My Droidlet...

Art By James Hance - Please Let Someone Find My Droidlet.

"The Chronicles of Nirvania"

Shop The Chronicles of Nirvania t-shirts designed by ArtByJamesHance as well as other merchandise at TeePublic.

“Doc” (Back To The Future)

Latest Painting - “Doc” (Back To The Future) I was prepping a canvas this evening and ended up experimenting a little with a spatula knife, which then ended up with me painting Doc Brown :) He’ll be.