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Horseback Ride on the beach. We did this in Jamaica. It was totally awesome! I want to do it again.

Pink Sand Beach, Isla Harbour, Bahamas " This gorgeous speck of land is known for its flower-lined streets, quaint cottages, and above all for the pinkish hue of its eastern beaches. Pink Sands beach, the most famous, is a three-mile-long strip that's wide and rarely crowded. "

I would swim with my horse when growing up on the farm... I would ride him into the water & off we would go... always a great time! <3

TOP 10 Thailand's Island Escapes

I Want To Go To There: Assateague Island, Where Wild Ponies Sunbathe On The Beach

Wild Ponies Assateague Island - located off the coast of Maryland & Virginia. Wild ponies who spend time prancing in the streets,taking leisurely swims in the oceans, sunning themselves on the beach right alongside families. The picture was taken on a crowded Saturday afternoon. WOW